“Yinyang” combines the technology of 3D printing (3DP) and traditional textiles with the aim of pushing the possibilities of technology to revolutionize the fashion industry. Direct 3DP on textiles offers new possibilities of using the technology in designs without entirely committing to fully 3D printed fashion items.

“Yinyang” experiments in this technique with the aesthetic goal of using 3DP for embellishment on clothing. The piece takes color, fabric, and silhouette into consideration with a cohesive theme of yinyang by combining contrasting details in harmony. From a seemingly unbalanced asymmetrical hem to an alternative take on the mandarin collar, “Yinyang” not only highlights the 3D printed embellishment but showcases unique design choices which together enhance the overall design.

In the past, the fashion industry has viewed 3DP as an unconventional technique but with customizable embellishments printed directly on fabric as seen in “Yinyang”, 3DP could become commonplace.

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