Fiber Arts


The Art of Horticulture

natural dyed hand spun wool yarn and roving | acorn, avocado, beetroot, black bean, golden rod, indigo, marigold, yellow onion skin, red cabbage



With Love, 

Mother Nature

Barbara L. Kuhlman Scholarship Exhibition

Process Sketchbook


The Form


to capture the natural female form, “Mother Nature” was created by taking a 365 degree body scan of a live model, then splicing the scan into laser cut foam layers, which were then built together from her feet to the top of her head.


Hand Work

hand dyed wool roving, wet felted stones, and needle felted mushrooms


Fungi-like buttons, moss and fungi-like trims, goose biot feather grass

Finishing Touches




Following the female form up from the strong-but- soft base to the protective canopy above her head, the audience can appreciate both the strength and fragility of Mother Nature.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg